Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ostra Gathering

Been busy this month with no less than 16 black and white illustrations for my wife's new book entitled 'The Ostra Gathering'. This is a childrens book about the adventures of small woodland creatures known as 'Ostra' who look after the forest.

You can buy the book from Amazon as a digital download here

And here's a couple of sample illustration from the book:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dead Centerfolds

I've just finished a collaboration with Paul Hupfield (Lesbian Vampire Killers) to produce a 5 page comic pitch for his new project entitled Dead Centerfolds. It's been a bit of a longhaul - only five pages but there was much to do. Paul had a screenplay which needed rewriting in a way that made sense for the comic medium you know Panels and dialogue, action etc. Characters and costumes all needed to be worked out too.

With hindsight I'd have drawn it differently but I think Paul was pleased. Here's a page extract: